Whole School Targets 2016 – 2017

 Approved by the Governing Body on 18 October 2016


For at least 55% of pupils to make above expected progress in core subjects – English, Maths and PSHCE (based on school’s pupil tracking systems and baseline of Autumn half term base line levels)


For no more than 5% of pupils to make less than expected progress in Core subjects.


For at least 50% of teaching/learning assessments (direct observations and assessed overall teaching and learning through assessment of work) to be graded as Outstanding by Senior Leadership Team.


For pupil outcomes to be appropriate, challenging and assessed accurately showing good progress in all areas, including social and life skills and communication (as recorded against school base lines and database).


To trial further developments in assessment tools, including use of the Autism Progress/B Squared and the in-school developed social and life skills profile to assess their workload and integration into the profile of assessments.


For the whole school community (Governors, staff, pupils, parents, other schools) to make an informed decision regarding the joining with other special schools to create a special school Multi Academy Trust.